🔈 MUNSA T-SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE & REGISTRATION IS NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED! The MUNSA XXVII in-person conference will be held on Thursday, January 5th, and Friday, January 6th, 2023 at Trinity University! 🔈

Turn up the volume!

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MUNSA is thrilled to have hosted an empowering conference with varying perspectives and voices. Thank you for turning up the volume at MUNSA!

Below you will find the award winners for each committee.


Recipient Award
Emmanuel MacronHonorable Delegate
Yoon Suk-yeolDistinguished Delegate
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al SaudBest Delegate
Recipient Award
YemenHonorable Delegate
HaitiDistinguished Delegate
CroatiaBest Delegate
Recipient Award
George W. BushHonorable Delegate
Chandrika KumaratungaDistinguished Delegate
Paul MartinBest Delegate
Recipient Award
RwandaHonorable Delegate
PakistanDistinguished Delegate
IcelandBest Delegate
Recipient Award
People's Republic of ChinaHonorable Delegate
AngolaDistinguished Delegate
BelgiumBest Delegate
Recipient Award
AustraliaHonorable Delegate
South AfricaDistinguished Delegate
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandBest Delegate
Recipient Award
Rishi SunakHonorable Delegate
Abdelmadjid TebbouneDistinguished Delegate
Fumio KishidaBest Delegate
Recipient Award
United Arab EmiratesHonorable Delegate
People's Republic of ChinaDistinguished Delegate
GabonBest Delegate
Recipient Award
BotswanaHonorable Delegate
CameroonDistinguished Delegate
MoroccoBest Delegate
Recipient Award
SudanHonorable Delegate
SlovakiaDistinguished Delegate
RwandaBest Delegate
Recipient Award
Umberto IIHonorable Delegate
Sofoklis VenizelosDistinguished Delegate
Achille Van AckeBest Delegate
Recipient Award
PhilippinesHonorable Delegate
BangladeshDistinguished Delegate
HaitiBest Delegate
Recipient Award
People’s Republic of ChinaHonorable Delegate
MexicoDistinguished Delegate
ChileBest Delegate
Recipient Award
United States of AmericaHonorable Delegate
IranDistinguished Delegate
AustraliaBest Delegate
Recipient Award
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandHonorable Delegate
IndiaDistinguished Delegate
PhilippinesBest Delegate
Recipient Award
United States of AmericaHonorable Delegate
MontenegroDistinguished Delegate
FranceBest Delegate
Recipient Award
EcuadorDelegado Honorable
Santa LucíaDelegado Distinguido
BeliceMejor Delegado
Recipient Award
FranceHonorable Delegate
JapanDistinguished Delegate
People’s Republic of ChinaBest Delegate
Recipient Award
PakistanHonorable Delegate
GermanyDistinguished Delegate
VietnamBest Delegate
Recipient Award
Kim Jong-unHonorable Delegate
Fumio KishidaDistinguished Delegate
Andrés Manuel López ObradorBest Delegate

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